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  • Resident Evil Next-Gen Updates Could Be Coming Very Soon

    Resident Evil Next-Gen Updates Could Be Coming Very Soon

    A new rumor suggests that the Resident Evil 2, 3, and 7 next-gen updates could be coming in the very near future. A key part of Capcom’s business strategy has always been porting its big games to as many platforms as possible. This is readily apparent with Capcom’s blockbuster survival-horror franchise Resident Evil, with various […] More

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  • Does the Divorced Spouse of a Military Member Keep Getting Retirement if They Remarry?

    Will a divorced spouse of a military member continue to retire if they remarry?

    The former spouse of a member of the military does not lose her share of her military pension if he remarries – instead, the Former Spouse Protection Act of the United Services requires that, if she starts receiving benefits under the Survivor Benefits Plan after the death of her ex-spouse, she would lose those rights […] More

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  • After the Death of Your Mother or Father, Can a Sibling Live in the House If It's Not in His Name?

    After the death of your Father or Mother, can your Siblings Live in the House if It is not his Name?

    When a parent dies, who inherits the house usually has the right to decide who will live there. Even if your siblings have been with your parents for years, that doesn’t guarantee he has the right to continue if he doesn’t inherit the house. However, in some cases, he can live there even if the […] More

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  • How Much Money Do Retired Army Officers Get?

    How much do retired Army officers receive?

    Military officers who serve at least 20 years are eligible for a pension in the military. This amount is based on the salaries of Army officers who do not include special compensation such as combat or flight salaries. Pay points Army majors are classified as O-4 paychecks. If he retires in 2018 after 20 years, […] More

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  • How Does Direct Deposit Work?

    How does direct depositing work?

    Direct depositing is a type of bank transaction in which money is electronically transferred from one account to another. Often used by businesses to pay employees, direct deposits require the recipient of the money to provide bank account information, including account numbers and routing numbers, to payers to allow access. In addition to employers, government […] More

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  • Google Wallet vs. Venmo

    Google Wallet vs Venmo

    Although many consumers still stick to plastic when paying for items at the cash register, mobile wallets are becoming increasingly popular. However, thanks to apps like Google Pay (formerly Google Wallet) and Venmo, mobile payments are gradually becoming more and more used, especially for younger customers. But each form of digital payment has its own […] More

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  • Advantages & Disadvantages of Free Spyware

    Advantages & Cons of Free SpyWare

    Spyware is malicious programs or applications that can be installed surreptitiously or accidentally on a user’s PC. Internet users take advantage of a combination of free spyware protection programs available online to remove spyware and potentially dangerous spyware bugs from their systems. Free software removal programs have their advantages and disadvantages. Advantageous Downloading spyware programs […] More

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  • How to combat the online threat of adults

    How to combat the online threat of adults

    Believe it or not, children aren’t the only victims of cyberbullying. Adults can also easily fall prey to dangerous internet attacks. Online threats involve anyone maliciously targeted through any form of electronic access. Cyber bullies are simply cowards because they always hide themselves behind hurtful words and anonymous usernames. You’ll think your high school days […] More

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  • How Do I Block Pop-Ups on My Computer?

    How do I block pop-ups on my computer?

    A “pop-up” is a pop-up when you access the Internet, advertising anything. These are paid ads that are programmed into many different pages on the Internet. Some of these ads are fed into your computer using spyware or adware and must be removed by running scans using your spyware protection software. Using pop-up blocking software […] More

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  • Causes of Cyber Crime

    The cause of cybercrime

    People tend to get involved in criminal enterprises when the return on investment is high and the risk of loss is low. This calculation is done daily for cybercriminals and they have concluded that continuing to commit fraud, theft of financial information and intrusion into networks around the world will be beneficial. History When personal […] More

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