Katie Taylor beats Amanda Serrano in biggest fight ever in women’s boxing history

Promoter Eddie Hearn said the match was “one of the greatest battles in the history of Madison Square Garden” and raised the idea of a rematch at Dublin’s Croke Park.

Katie Taylor beats Amanda Serrano at biggest-ever fight in women's boxing history
Katie Taylor beats Amanda Serrano at biggest-ever fight in women’s boxing history

Ireland’s Katie Taylor defeated Amanda Serrano in a thrilling fight on the biggest night ever for women’s boxing.

The undisputed lightweight champion won by splitting decision after going all 10 rounds against the Puerto Rican boxer, in the first women’s bout with New York’s famous Madison Square Garden title.

After some tough innings, which caused Taylor to stumble several times, she tried to take it back towards the end of the match.

Serrano, a nine-time world champion in seven weight classes, took the lead after the middle rounds and threw some powerful punches that left Taylor bleeding from his nose.

The result was too close to name but the Irishman was above the judges’ scoreboard: one gave Serrano 96/94, the other two 97/93 and 96/93 for Taylor.

It was arguably the toughest test of Taylor’s career but she extended her unbeaten record to 21 wins from the most fights, retaining her WBC, WBA, IBF and WBO titles.

Speaking after the match, the 35-year-old champion said she was ready for a rematch.

“Let’s do it again, Amanda,” she said.

Her promoter, Eddie Hearn, said he could “watch a big rematch at the end of the year” and suggested the pair should fight in Ireland to give Taylor the chance to appear at Dublin’s Croke Park.

Hearn, who also cheered for Anthony Joshua, called the fight “one of the greatest fights in the history of Madison Square Garden.”

Taylor also took a moment to reflect on her opponent, saying: “Amanda Serrano is a fighter.

“I think we’re both winners here tonight – look at what we both did – sold out Madison Square Garden.

“The biggest fight in the history of women’s boxing and we’ve both broken down too many barriers throughout our entire careers.”

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