Mercedes-AMG SL43 has Turbo-Four 376 HP with F1 Technology

Mercedes is still deciding whether it will bring the imported model to the United States, in addition to the SL55 and SL63 V-8 engines.

Mercedes-AMG SL43 Has a 376-HP Turbo-Four with F1 Tech
Mercedes-AMG SL43 Has a 376-HP Turbo-Four with F1 Tech

The Mercedes-AMG SL43 is an entry-level model for the latest generation of the SL. It is equipped with a 376 hp four-horsepower straight-line turbocharged engine.
It is the first production car to be powered by turbocharged with an electric motor on a turbocharged shaft that can spin the compressor wheel to reduce latency and maintain increased pressure when the driver releases the gas pedal.
Mercedes is still deciding whether it wants to bring the four-cylinder SL43 to the U.S. market.
UPDATE 27/4/22: Mercedes has made it clear that the horsepower increase from the belt-starting generator occurs at the lower revs and therefore does not increase overall power. This makes the maximum power of the Mercedes-AMG SL43 376 hp.

The new Mercedes-AMG SL43 may be the entry-level model in the major travel lineup, but that doesn’t mean the SL43 is basic. Although it only has half as many cylinders as its higher-performance SL55 and SL63 brethren, which are powered by a V-8 engine, this model has technology derived from formula 1, which promises increased responsiveness from a four-turbocharged engine.

The sl43’s party product is a turbocharger with an electric motor along with a typical exhaust gas duct system. This production car was first powered by an inline 2.0-liter M139 engine, the same engine found in cla45 and GLA45 AMG models. The engine is only about an inch and a half thick and is mounted on the shaft between the turbine wheel and the compressor wheel. What the engine has in common is that this engine can spin the compressor wheel before the exhaust comes out, reducing the delay of the turbo, providing an almost immediate reaction when the driver pins the throttle and maintaining increased pressure even when the driver releases the throttle or presses the throttle.

braking system. This same technology is also found in the turbocharged 1.6-liter V-6 hybrid engine used by the Mercedes-AMG Formula One team.

The four-cylinder engine produces a total continuous power of 376 hp and 354 pound-feet of torque, while the 48-volt, belt-controlled start generator can add 13 horsepower. The 48 volt setup also allows the SL43 to recover power while slowing down and smoothing the engine’s start-up stop function. For the first time, the M139 is vertically mounted in the SL43 and is linked to a nine-speed automatic transmission with AMG’s signature wet clutch package in place of the tissue transformer. Mercedes claims the rear-wheel drive roadster can reach speeds of 62 mph in 4.9 seconds on the road to a top speed of 170 mph.

A few minor visual changes help distinguish the SL43 from the 55 and 63. The circular exhaust and rear bumper are simplified, removing the vents behind the rear wheels. The front bumper is also reshaped and the SL43 uses standard 19-inch wheels, with optional 20- and 21-inch wheels. The SL43 was not confirmed for the United States, with a Mercedes spokesperson telling Car and Driver that the roadster “is currently under consideration for the U.S. market.” If it reaches our shores, hopefully it will be significantly cheaper than the SL55, which we estimate will cost around $135,000.

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